A Bit About NuSun Yoga & Founder, Kate Astrakhan

I have been practicing Yoga for 24 years, and teaching for the last 10 years.  In that span of time I have learned that the practice should be accessible to everyone.  Instruction should be available to all who wish it.

I have taught in many profit venues from other studios, fitness centers, and gyms.  After having my own studio, I encountered many insurmountable obstacles.  There is a school of thought which teaches that not overcoming those obstacles means “you don’t want it bad enough;” the obstacles are there to “weed out” those who won’t work hard enough.  While that may be true in other things, I do not believe it to be the case with Yoga.  The obstacles were there to show me I was not on the right path and that my direction needed to change.  So returns the free classes.  With this, I have no obstacles and it is clear that this is the path my instruction of Yoga needs to take. It is with great joy that I have formed a healthful partnership with Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness Center.

It is my honor to teach the practice of Yoga and my joy to share the energized peace the practice brings. I never charge a fee for classes, but donations are deeply appreciated.  Any donation helps me offset the cost of the room rental, but it is never required.  Joyful participation of those in the classes is ample reward.  I encourage you to experience the many benefits of the practice, share it with others and continue spreading the peace, unity, health, and connectivity that the practice of Yoga brings.

As classes grow in number, and availability of this beautiful space increases, I will add as many classes as possible.  Please feel free to let me know what times work best for you and I will do my best to accommodate that. I am available by email, or 734-347-6963 and information can always be found at the Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness Center website.

 I appreciate the value of your time and am deeply grateful that you have chosen to spend this time with me in the practice of Yoga.

Kate Astrakhan (everyone just calls me Kate…)

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